Welcome to IMLC 2018

Destiny is not a matter of chance.  It is a matter of choice.  It is not something to be waited for. 

It is a thing to be achieved.

William Jennings Bryan

US Congressman and Secretary of State


IMLC 2018 Co-Chairpersons: Steven Thiru and

Karen Cheah Yee Lynn

The International Malaysian Law Conference (“IMLC”), the Malaysian Bar’s signature biennial conference, returns with its fourth edition in 2018 (14 to 17 Aug 2018).


IMLC 2018, with the theme — Raising the Bar: Innovate. Integrate. Emulate. — is a venture into new areas of interest and challenges to the legal community.  It will also be a forum for robust debate and critical evaluation of contemporary issues in the public sphere. IMLC 2018 will have the hallmark of its past epochs, and a keen eye on the evolving future of the legal landscape.


William Jennings Bryan has been quoted as saying, “Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not something to be waited for. It is a thing to be achieved”. Innovations that impact the legal community are inestimable today, and it is important to embrace and integrate them seamlessly. The experience and success of innovative trailblazers will expose the pivotal difference between merely surviving, and truly excelling, in the legal profession. The legal sector is a multi-billion dollar global industry and a vibrant platform for entrepreneurs to partner with legal professionals and participate in the provision of legal services, just as consumers seek affordable and efficient access to legal services.


The theme of IMLC 2018 thus encapsulates the goal of empowering lawyers in the domestic and international spheres to meet the modern challenges of internationalisation of legal services, as well as arming them to seize opportunities as they arise. IMLC 2018 will explore the impact of technology on the legal profession; the evolution of legal practice; issues relating to legal innovations, technology and start-ups; critical and evolving practice areas and the future of law; fault lines in the rule of law; as well as globalisation of the law.


IMLC 2018 will feature globally renowned speakers and delegates in an interactive and engaging environment. The range of topics at the plenary and breakout sessions of IMLC 2018 is aimed at providing a balance between technology and innovation in legal practice, prevailing issues in regulatory and practice areas, and a sustained focus on human rights and the rule of law.


To take into account the needs and interests of an evolving global legal community, we are expanding IMLC 2018 into two significant parts — the first two days for domestic matters, and the third and fourth days for international issues.


Domestic Matters at IMLC 2018: 14 and 15 Aug 2018


It has been observed that the current legal services delivery model is at the end of its natural life cycle and, according to Mitch Kowalski, “the only people who don’t know it are members of the legal profession”.


“Disruptive innovation”, a term commonly used in the corporate sector, describes innovation that results in the creation of new market and value networks, and ultimately disrupts an existing one. This can result in the displacement of established market practices, organisations, goods and services, and even alliances, and is not a term that is traditionally associated with the legal profession or the provision of legal services. Nevertheless, perhaps the time has come to acknowledge that disruptive innovation has crossed the threshold into the legal sector.


Is the legal profession in Malaysia ready to embrace such innovations that may challenge the core functions of the legal industry, raise concerns about consumer welfare, rattle the traditional regulatory frameworks that may not be ready for such disruptive innovations, and even alter how law firms can and will operate?


From a regulatory perspective, delegates will have the opportunity to gain insight into how organisations like the Securities Industry Dispute Resolution Center (“SIDREC”) provide independent dispute resolution avenues for disputes involving monetary claims relating to capital market products and services; explore various aspects of arbitration; understand the crucial role played by Persatuan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (“PIDM”); and delve into the issues surrounding fintech, which investigate the possible impact that advances in this area may have on the development of new types of conflict resolution within existing practice areas.


IMLC 2018 is also poised to provide delegates with the opportunity to probe the evolution of rights and liberties in Malaysia, with insights from thought leaders in different aspects of the rule of law.


International Issues at IMLC 2018: 16 and 17 Aug 2018


Instead of conducting the international component in the traditional oration styles customarily used at conferences of this nature, we believe it will be more meaningful that the segments evolve into a modern symposium comprising working groups in collaboration with national bar associations and international law organisations.


The wide array of topics targeted for discussion in the working groups includes:

  • Global Britain: Trade between the United Kingdom and Asia Post-Brexit

  • Pro Bono Practice: The Impediments to Funding of Public Interest Litigation

  • Future of Lawyering

  • One Belt, One Road: The March Forward

  • Islamic Banking and Finance: International Integration

  • Europe and Asia: Bridges for the Legal Communities

  • International Advocacy Skills

  • Young Lawyers: Future Options and Opportunities

  • Access to Justice: A Critical Component of the Rule of Law


These sessions are also intended to provide a platform for participants of IMLC 2018 to interact with colleagues from national bars and international law organisations, as well as captains of industry, thus creating limitless networking opportunities for Members of the Malaysian Bar. 


Early Bird Rates

Exceptional early bird rates are available exclusively for Members of the Malaysian Bar until 30 Jan 2018but are limited to 200 places.


The rates are:

  • RM999 for the 4-day package: 14 to 17 Aug 2018; or

  • RM760 for the 2-day package: either the Domestic Package on 14 and 15 Aug 2018; or the International Package on 16 to 17 Aug 2018.


We hope that IMLC 2018 will inspire far-reaching transformation, where innovation sets the stage for breakthroughs within the legal profession in Malaysia and establishes the future direction and growth

of our nation.


We warmly invite you to be part of IMLC 2018, and to elevate your career to the next level.





Steven Thiru and Karen Cheah Yee Lynn


IMLC 2018 Organising Committee